Our Story

Royal Nyborg Smokehouse is the only artisan handmade, onshore farmed cold smoked salmon brand in the world. We only use Danish salmon raised on a land based farm that is reared using aquaculture in a completely closed loop system.  A closed loop system means no outside influences on the fish.  This means no sea lice or worms. Sounds good right? Even better, the fish are only fed on GM free food that is fully traceable. So, as well as being the best salmon, coming from Denmark, it is also the freshest salmon.

We are a family business that deliver to you the core values of honesty, integrity and passion. Our family business consists of sisters Ciska and Nyah, who are two young business women, and also my daughters. We all have a part in the process, you can read about them below.


My name is Ciska and I am 17 years old.  I am responsible for flow across the diverse social media and, not least, talking to our customers

— Ciska Taylor


Hi, my name is Nyah, and in this business my job is photography and to take and edit all the content for our social media.  I am currently studying for my GCSE’s at Odense International School and I am a passionate rugby player for Rugby Klub Odense.

— Nyah Taylor


Hi, my name is Frederik and I am 18 years old. I am looking forward to talking to our customers and hopefully creating some good partnerships. Right now I am learning how to do the financial part in the company, such as accounting.

— Frederik Taylor, Accountant

Chef John Taylor

With over 25 years of experience in kitchens in London, the Cotswolds, Cornwall & Copenhagen, I not only deliver a world class product but I do it with respect for the environment and more importantly for you and your family.  As customers, you can feel better about consuming and enjoying these benefits that our unique salmon has to offer. Below are some places that I have previously worked at

— John Taylor, Senior Chef