I want to share a secret with you...

Curious? Then come with me (and the fish) on this journey and become a part of something truly special...

Almost a decade ago I, John Taylor … the top chef … stepped down from the magic world of restaurants.


Because the magic had left the kitchen. Cookery had become an arena for snobbishness, Michelin stars and stress.

I longed to get back to the very essence of cookery: The food itself.

So, I decided to concentrate on one ingredient and one process: Salmon & smoke! And I approached this new found interest like a sincere artist, with a natural passion, unbound imagination and an out-of-this-world inspiration.

But wherever I searched for true knowledge about the cold-smoked salmon, I was met with mystery, well-kept secrets, and bolted doors. No one was willing to show, tell, let alone letting me grapple with the process. It was a world where simple facts were shrouded in mystery!

So, I set out on a long adventure, across national borders, before I finally unraveled the secret.

But you know what …?

The secret wasn't really that spectacular!

Logo til Royal Nyborg Smoke House 2

So I started playing, experimenting, honing and creating something truly unique – The Royal Taste.

And here’s the secret:

A resting period is crucial! The buttery, yet firm, meat texture of our salmon is unique to RNS. This is due to the many resting periods we give our salmon the opportunity to enjoy.


We let the umami taste unfold during the salmon’s longest resting period. Dry aging on cold smoked salmon is a technique we have developed; thus you will never experience the same enchanting umami taste with any other cold-smoked salmon.

Salt & Smoke

The rest of the magic occurs in the perfect balance between salting and the spice that our smoke-dust conjures up during the salmon’s quality time in the oven.

Experience Royal Taste

This is Royal Taste – and now it’s no longer a secret. Share it with your nearest and dearest, your loved ones. In fact, feel free to share it with everyone you know. Because today you have become part of this enchanting narrative.

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